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  • Xmaket - Catch the speculative wave of Bitcoin

    Catch the speculative wave of Bitcoin

    The main cryptocurrency of the planet is breaking all records. Over the year, the Bitcoin rate has grown 5 times! How to make money on it?


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  • Xmaket - New Year sprint of traders!

    New Year sprint of traders!

    For a whole month we give gifts to all our clients. Send a letter to your personal manager, indicate in the header a special code MXN2021 and get a valuable New Year's surprise!


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  • Xmaket - While raging coronavirus: earn from home

    While raging coronavirus: earn from home

    Currency trading and shares is the perfect way to make the quarantine profitable.


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  • Xmaket - An easy way to the world of trading

    An easy way to the world of trading

    Seize the opportunity to capitalize on the collapse of the ruble and oil! To open a trading account only 100€.


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  • Xmaket - Traders battle

    Traders battle

    Step outside of the usual trading and get valuable prizes from the company: flat in the center of Moscow, Audi Q7 or 1 milloin RUB.


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  • Xmaket - One click - and access to the financial market is open

    One click - and access to the financial market is open

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About the company

Our motto is - we will Help, advise, and teach. Our goal is your financial independence.

Xmaket - about company

Хmarket – simple tool for making money on the financial markets. With tools such as: cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, commodities, foreign exchange transactions. Making a profit on the difference of currency rates, contracts or CFDs is now available to everyone.


Our advantages:


  • round-the-clock access to the service;
  • the absence of major investments;
  • convenient and intuitive functionality;
  • guarantee and withdrawal of funds;
  • the Commission is just 0%;
  • only proven strategies earnings.

Stay up to date with the latest news of the cryptocurrency market

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Raoul Pal bets on Ethereum (ETH) to end crypto market correction

Based on the growth of the ETH/BTC pair, Pal said that Ethereum demonstrates strength over bitcoin, and this can lead to the crypto market coming out...

21 May 2021

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DeFi is more damaging to banks than Bitcoin

Netherlands-based ING Bank analyzes the risks and opportunities associated with the emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) space. An article pub...

06 May 2021

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ePIC Blockchain Collects 7.5 M for ASIC Production of Crypto Miners in North America

Toronto-based ePIC blockchain has completed a $ 7.5 million funding round to bring ASIC manufacturing to North America. "North America has succ...

15 April 2021

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EOS Loses Its 'Biggest' DeFi Project to Balance Smart Chain

Effect Network, a decentralized financial platform (DeFi) that connects companies to a global workforce, will switch its development from the EOS blo...

26 March 2021

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Billionaire investor Bill Gross is betting against GameStop Again after Making $ 10 million by closing out the stock

Legendary investor Bill Gross is betting against GameStop shares again after walking away from the wild January volatility with a tidy $ 10 million. ...

18 March 2021

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Bitcoin whales and organizations capitalized on BTC plunge as $ 100,000 orders hit a new record

The Bitcoin market is going through a certain trajectory, as traders are constantly pumping money, despite the correction. According to the latest da...

10 March 2021

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